Open Source Medical Image Fusion Display

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Welcome to FusionViewer


FusionViewer is an open source medical image display package developed by Insightful and the Imaging Research Laboratory at University of Washington. It is designed to improve the physician's ability to interpret the results of combined positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) studies. This software is a display application for facilitating and improving visualization. The effective display of the fused data permits easy viewing of the anatomical information provided by the CT images while simultaneously displaying the functional data provided by PET.

Getting Started

The best starting point is to try FusionViewer Demo. Please view user's guide for more information.

Important Notice! Current FusionViewer executable is Windows Vista compatible. But due to the fact that DirectX is chosen by default on Vista system with an ATI graphic card while we are using OpenGL to perform the rendering, there is a bug which disables the view mode switching.

Solution: Please update the Video card driver. One of the possible solutions is to start a new application window if you want to display the images with different layout. We are working on this issue and hope to resolve it in near future.

Latest News

Feburary 2008: FusionViewer: An Open Source Toolkit for Viewing Multimodality Images is submitted to "Insight Journal - 2008 January - June"

January 2008: FusionViewer is a useful tool to visualize image data for National Cancer Imaging Archive; FusionViewer is also listed on idoimaging.com.

January 2008: FusionViewer 1.0.beta release announced.

November 26: FusionViewer is presented on RSNA'07 Annual Meeting in Chicago

June 5, 2007: FusionViewer is presented on SNM'07 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

March 2007: FusionViewer 1.0.alpha release announced.


FusionViewer is not intended for clinical use. The names of Insightful Corporation or University of Washington may not be used to endorse or promote products derived from this software without specific prior written permission.