Open Source Medical Image Fusion Display

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FusionViewer News

Recent News

» January 2008: FusionViewer 1.0.beta release announced.

» November 26: FusionViewer is presented on RSNA'07 Annual Meeting in Chicago

» June 5, 2007: FusionViewer is presented on SNM'07 Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

Old News

» An executable file was built and added to Windows 1.0 Alpha release.

» We are pleased to announce the first release, FusionViewer 1.0.alpha. (read more..)

Key Features:
• Visualization and quantification of both 2D and 3Dimage data
• Three orthogonal views: axial, sagittal, and coronal
• Display modes: alpha blend, checkerboard, split window, and linked cursor
• Fast switching between different display modes.
• Adjustable opacity of the background and foreground images
• Size adjustment of checkerboard grid and split window
• Cross referenced cursor position through all views
• Cursor crosshair position in either physical coordinates (mm) or pixel coordinates
• Standard tools for data viewing and measurement
• Standard color map effects and easy definition of customized color maps
• Supported data format: MetaIO, DICOM, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, Interfile and more
• Platforms supported: Windows XP, Mac OS 10..3.9 and later, Mac Intel