Open Source Medical Image Fusion Display

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Developer's Corner

Join FusionViewer Development Team

Everybody is welcome to help with FusionViewer project. Please check out following resources to find what is happening now in FusionViewer development community.

Get Started with Coding

Before getting started with coding in FusionViewer, you may want to read FusionViewer Developer's Guide. Please follow the instruction to gain access to FusionViewer CVS repository and build project.

Write access to FusionViewer CVS repository will be granted on a need and experience basis.

Get Started with Documentation

FusionViewer's documentation is very important. You are encouraged to review, proofread and comment current documentation. Also you can write new documentation, translate to other languages and do localization.

Get Started with Bug Hunting and Feature Adding

You can diagnose, analyze and submit patches to fix known bugs. Or you can contribute a implementation for any of the requested features.